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The Canadian Friedreich Ataxia's association. You can find there, a number of information on ataxia in French as well as is English.


The French Friedreich ataxia's association. It is in this association that I met the first people affected by Friedreich's ataxia. I still maintain privilaged relationships with them.


This is the Swiss Invalid association, it brings together people affected by various handicaps. Proposing a free juridical hand to all it's members, it entertains a sympathetic climate by organising activities in various sections throughout the year.


This is the Swiss foundation in favour of the " cerebral palsy child " (or the cerebral motor invalid child). It helps those suffering from a handicap or a genetical disease, whose symptomshave appeared before the age of 18.


The association " Know the Cerebellous Syndromes "


European association for all ataxias, you will find there numerous addresses regarding various associations in Europe (in English) as well as regarding research.


You enjoy travelling, you're afraid of the poverty of accessibilities of certain places? André shares with you his experience in a well attractive and great website.


An excellent international information source which will keep you updated on the advancement of worldwide research.


Orphanet is a database dedicated to information on rare diseases and orphan drugs. Access to this d-base is free of charge.

Pro Infirmis

The Swiss association that handles PAH fonds (benefits and services for the handicapped) and that can give you the support of a social aid, if demanded.


The " Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Muskelkranke " is the German version of ASRIM. With unique and sensational activitites such as " Love-Ride ", it fights in order to help all of those affected by neuromuscular diseases.